Charging and Scaling equipment

Rocmec systems for anfo charging
GIA Industri AB and Dyno Nobel Europe have signed an agreement regarding the Dyno Nobel Rocmec ANFO Charging Equipment program and Rocmec Scaling Machines. The purpose of the agreement is to further strengthen the market with high quality equipment utilising GIA´s mechanical skills and Dyno Nobel´s large know-how regarding explosives and charging technique. Both organisations believe this will benefit our customers in the mining and construction industry.

Enough explosives for an entire charging cycle
The Rocmec DC is equipped with the ANOL CC – Nitro Nobel´s latest compressed air charger. The charger comes in two sizes of 500 or 1000 litres volume respectively. And the compact design allows either size to be carried by the smallest truck. If required, the Rocmec DC can be fitted with an additional charger for e.g. contour explosives. ANOLUP, equipment for filling up the charger with Anfo is an option.

Hose pusher with 4-wheel drive
Approximate positioning over the drill hole is executed by the boom. For precision positioning, the hose pusher can be angled ± 45° laterally and ± 20° longitudinally.

The hose feed uses four drive wheels for minimum wear and best friction. Contact pressure is automatically adjusted in order to ensure minimum wear. The feed is fixed at maximum speed while retraction speed can be selected by the operator.

Boom and basket
Boom type, basket size and max load will be adapted to the customer´s demands. Max load from 300 to 1000 kg. Among the boom types there are also
GIA´s well-known models W 45, W 60 and GS 810.

AMIX 25 and AMIX 50
Are specially designed and built for mixing ammonium nitrate with fuel oil for the preparation of Anfo blasting agents. The mixers have sufficient capacity to make them an economical alternative to central mixing plants. Mixing capacity is 25 kg respectively 50 kg Anfo
per minute.

Charging/service trucks
The ROCMEC DC is available with different Atlas Copco carriers. Stability does not permit complete freedom of choice as regards truck and boom combinations. However, you will be able to find the perfect combination for your particular operation. For platforms, lube trucks etc GIA UV 211 truck carrier is used.

Scaling Trucks
The ROCMEC scaling equipment is, as all ROCMEC equipment, built on Atlas Copco carriers. The scaling equipment can be delivered in electric hydraulic or diesel hydraulic versions with or without operator´s enclosed cabin.

Optional Equipment
Exhaust scrubber
Exhaust PTX catalyzer
Semiautomatic fire extinguisher system
Water hose reel for 125 m hose
Yellow flashlight
Central lubrication
Water tank, 580 litres with pump (Diesel version only)
Control box for remote operation of the BROKK, with cable
BROKK boom with quick hitch for Backhoe bucket, 60 lit.